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Animatronics and Costume

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    Dalmation Puppet


    Weighted and articulated puppet to be carried by real dog. Walt Disney Films
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    Animatronic Arms


    Fully animatronic arm's without thumbs. Worn by actor and cable controlled. Feature Film
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    Loch Ness Monster


    8ft high hydralic/animatronic Loch Ness Monster. Lead creature supervisor for Jim Henson/Working Title
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    Juvenile Gorilla


    Animatronic costume. Mechanics by Adrian Parish. For Sony/ Jim Hensons productions
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    Walking animatronic tortoise. Feature film. Mechanics by Vince Abbott. Jim Henson
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    African Elephant


    Sculpture stage. Full size head prior to moulding. Ridley Scott Associates
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    Elephant Animatronic


    Animatronic African Elephant head. Project supervisor. Road safety advertisement. Ridley Scott Associates
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    Baby Elephant Sculpture


    Sculpture of Baby elephant costume prior to moulding.
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    Baby Elephant Costume


    Baby Elephant costume for feature film. Worn by performer. Mechanics by Stuart Robinson.
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    'Babe' Animatronic Head


    Hair punched and finished artworked 'Babe' for feature film. Jim Henson Organisation/Kennedy Miller
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    Baby Dinosaur Sculpt


    Sculpture stage of baby sleeping dinosaur. Retail display
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    Baby Dinosaur Animatronic


    Animatronic sleeping dinosaur. Has breathing mechanism/motor to run all day. Direct link controls for head and tail. Retail display
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