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With over thirty years experience in sculpture, model making, animatronics and design for Museums, Advertising, Feature Films and Television and having Studios in London, England, I provide an individual service for your project. Please visit the Galleries to see my work and if you are interested in finding out more please feel free to get in contact.

Nautilus shell

With access to a wide range of skills from a large pool of talented individuals I can cover most projects from the smallest to the largest and every size in between from an Insect to a Dinosaur from a Flower to a Great White Shark.

Sculpting◦ Paleontological Reconstructions ◦ Character and Creature Design ◦ Mould-making and Casting ◦ Artworking and Finishing ◦ Props ◦ Animatronics and Displays ◦ Botanical Models ◦ Digital Sculpting ◦ Anatomical Models ◦ Make-up Effects ◦ Puppets and Costume ◦ Hair and Fur Finishing work ◦ Scientific Model making

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